1-on-1 with Aspen Dental – Meet Danielle

1-on-1 with Aspen Dental Private Practice of Cherry Creek - Denver Dentist - Meet Danielle

Starting today, we will be highlighting one team member from our office each week in a series we’d like to call “1-on-1 with Aspen Dental.” We hope that this will help to introduce or re-introduce our staff to our patients and to help tell the stories of our team, why they pursued a career in the dental field and why they’ve decided to call Aspen Dental home.

Without further ado, meet Danielle, one of our hygienists here at Aspen Dental. Danielle has been with our practice for about 4 years and prides herself on optimal patient care, comfort, and communication. This is how she answered some of my most arduous questions:

Q: Danielle, tell me why you decided on dental hygiene? Did you always want to become a dental hygienist, or how did you fall into this career path?
A: I love working with people, our patients. I’ve always enjoyed educating people on good oral health practices. Being a hygienist means being a role-model to our patients and to friends and family. That includes helping everyone with their oral health, but from a personal perspective, where I can give instructions based on my own personal experiences.

Q: Did you have any family in the dental field?

A: I did. My mom was a dental assistant for 20+ years and growing up around patients in her office, I’ve always been drawn to the hands-on aspects of the dental field. She would always base her patient relationships on education and I believe that rubbed off on me in how I work. I guess I’ve always been hooked on dental hygiene!

Q: So you have a thirst for helping and educating, that’s cool. When did you realize that you were so captivated by patient care?
A: I would say it came towards the beginning of hygiene school. Dental hygiene has truly become my passion and if I’m able to help prevent invasive treatment and avoid disease in the future, then that’s when I’m doing my job.

Q: Awesome. So why do you enjoy working for Aspen Dental in particular? Is there anything that you feel makes this practice unique and different from all the others?
A: Absolutely. We have an incredible team here – amazing dentists, smart hygienists and assistants, and an overall caring environment. I really benefit from our bi-weekly meetings with our individual teams. It helps to relay information and bounce ideas off each other. Good communication is key in our industry. Our office is also very organized – the systems we’ve set up help patients feel at ease and help to make our jobs feel much less hectic. Many dental offices are in disarray and unorganized and I believe those types of places bring unnecessary anxiety to patients.

Q: I totally agree. There have probably been a lot of options for you in the Denver area. Why have you stuck around at Aspen Dental for so long?
A: I’ve been at Aspen Dental for 4 years because I believe we have one of the best and most efficient hygiene programs and I just get a good vibe being here, interacting with our patients, staff, and doctors. We have an amazing team, where patient care is paramount.

Q: Ok, I’ll get to the fun stuff. We’re in Denver, so there are endless opportunities for recreation. What do you like to do in your free time when you’re away from the office?
A: I like to hike, snowshoe, snowboard. In the summer, my husband and I enjoy riding our bikes around the city, going to picnics in the park, gardening, checking out local breweries, and sitting down with a good book. Denver is a great city and Colorado is a fabulous state to be able to do all of these incredible things. I’m a very outgoing and adventurous person and Colorado seems to suit me well!

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