1-on-1 with Aspen Dental – Meet Jackie

1-on-1 with Aspen Dental, Private Practice of Cherry Creek, Denver, CO Dentist - Meet Jackie

We hope you enjoyed our 1-on-1 with Aspen Dental article highlighting our hygienist, Danielle. We hope that it helped you understand her journey, her passion for dentistry, and her personality. Next, I’d like to introduce you to another one of our hygienists, Jackie. Jackie has been with us at Aspen Dental for 5 years and places emphasis on comprehensive patient education, communication, and overall patient satisfaction. I sat down with her and asked her a few questions. This is what she had to say.

Q: Jackie, let’s get right to it. How did you decide to pursue a career in dental hygiene?
A: I decided to choose dental hygiene as a career because it fit my vocational interests and lifestyle needs perfectly! I have always wanted to help others. I also have a passion for science, learning, and teaching.

Q: Awesome! Seems like you found a perfect fit. Tell me how you got your start as a hygienist?
A: I actually learned about dental hygiene through the mother of one of my high school friends. She overheard me discussing career interests and offered me a sterilization technician job at her office. This was a great way to get my feet wet. And after seeing the hygienists there, I knew it was the right path for me.

Q: Sometimes a good connection is all it takes. What motivates you at work? What do you take pride in at work?
A: My motivation comes from knowing that the education and services I provide to my patients gives them the opportunity to live longer, healthier, and functional lives.

Q: So, how have you enjoyed working at Aspen Dental? In your opinion, what makes Aspen Dental different than the rest?
A: I have worked with Aspen Dental since May of 2011, so nearly 5 years now. What really makes Aspen Dental out shine other offices for me is that the staff has become a family away from home. This helps me to do my best at my job. In fact, the whole staff brings this attitude with them, and it strengthens the ability of the office as a whole to function at peak performance because we all strive to do our best for our family of patients.

Q: You’re totally right. Got to love to family culture here at Aspen Dental. I’ll close with the fun stuff. What do you like to do in your free time? What are some of your hobbies outside of the office?
A: I love Barnes and Noble, walks and hiking in beautiful Colorado, relaxing with my Chihuahuas and husband, and catching the occasional movie.

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