Dental Savings Plan- An Affordable Insurance Alternative

What is a Dental Savings Plan? Why choose a savings plan over traditional insurance? A Dental Savings Plan works a lot like a membership plan at your local Sam’s Club, Costco or any other warehouse club. You pay a flat annual fee and in turn receive notably reduced and complimentary rates on your dental cleanings, x-rays, fillings, cosmetic procedures and much more. Our dental savings plan offers many benefits over traditional dental insurance and believe us, it’s much easier to enroll, there’s no paperwork, no limits or any other hoops to jump through.

In our office, we have a pretty even split of patients with insurance and patients without. Our dental savings plans allows our cash patients to continue with their routine cleaning and restorative appointments at a reduced, annual cost. The goal of our dental savings plan is to help our patients stay up to date with their routine hygiene appointments so that we can catch problems before they can become expensive and sometimes painful. We rely on this preventative care  so that our patients will always be satisfied with their oral health and can avoid lengthy restorative procedures.

How much does insurance cost compared to the Aspen Dental Savings Plan?  Here’s the breakdown:

Plans Traditional Dental Insurance (Average) Aspen Dental Savings Plan Savings
Single $504 per year $319 per year $185 per year
Couple $912 per year $599 per year $313 per year
Family $1,416 per year $1,109 per year $307 per year


Your routine cleanings, exams, x-rays and fluoride will be covered at 100% with our dental savings plan. Any other restorative services will be covered at anywhere between 20% to 50% (very comparable to traditional dental insurance). For a full list of covered services, please visit our website at:

This truly is a fantastic plan and we are proud to offer it to our family of patients. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us anytime at (303) 399-0400.