Dr. Nishimura’s Retirement Letter


I have finally decided to put down the drill and move into my next chapter of life: retirement. As a graduate of the University of Colorado Dental School thirty-four years ago, my parents had such pride in my achievements; achievements that had alluded them long ago. My parents have provided a guiding pinnacle for my life journey. Now I’m sure they are with me as I begin my life of retirement.

Some of you I have known for a long time and others for a short period of time. I have seen marriages. I’ve watched babies born. I’ve experienced children becoming adults, and now babies born from those that I had once known as children. My career has been rewarding and you have enriched my life through your life experiences. I remember one of my patients saying; he always stayed with the same barber and with the same dentist. (He also told me he was on his 3rd marriage.) Trust is the resounding message I so appreciate.

While it is difficult to change health care providers, I am happy to say that Dr. Eric Rossow will continue to take care of your dental needs.

Dr. Rossow has been with the practice for the past year, and will be succeeding me in the practice. I am confident that you will find him to be professional, honest and fully capable of exceeding your dental needs. Dr. Rossow is from Okoboji, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2004 and received an Advanced Education in General Dentistry from the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery in 2005. He has been practicing in Denver Metro since he was honorably discharged from the Navy in 2007. He is a Director of the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society and Chairman of the Wartburg College West Advisory Board.

My confidence in Dr. Rossow gives me great consolation in this transition. I know that you are in good hands and will be treated well. It is important to me that a quality, ethical dentist continues the important effort of helping you maintain your dental health at an optimal level.

I have a heart of gratitude to you and the times we shared. The relationships and friendships have made this part of my life complete.

Thank you,

Roger D. Nishimura D.D.S.