Shay Travels for Teeth – Making a Difference in Children’s Lives

Every year since 2001, devoted and compassionate dental assistants have joined Global Dental Relief (GDR) in order to bring quality dental care to children around the world. Our very own Shay, a registered Colorado dental assistant for 11 years, has teamed up with Global Dental Relief for a total of six field dental clinic trips, providing top-notch and desperately needed dental care to children in Cambodia, Nepal, and Guatemala. She’s also recently been highlighted in the May/June 2015 edition of “The Dental Assistant,” which you can find as a digital copy here.

Shay discovered the true reason why she ended up in the dental field during her first trip with GDR to Guatemala in 2011 – “to help children who would otherwise not have the opportunity for dental treatment.” On her trips, Shay not only helps relieve children of their dental pain, but she also helps to improve their futures by treating onset infections and teaching them to properly care for their teeth. A customary GDR clinic consists of around 12-16 volunteers who specialize in everything from dental cleanings, sealants, restorations, and extractions. Clinics operate eight to nine hours per day for five to six days in a row. Between 500 – 1,000 children are served depending on how much treatment each child needs.

We are honored to have Shay as a part of our team and we cannot thank her enough for the hard work she puts in with Global Dental Relief. The positive impact of quality dental care and hygiene education are incalculable. Children who are free of oral pain are more likely to do better in school, to have more focus, and to positively contribute to the next generation.

As Shay so eloquently describes, “What we give these children is more than a filling. We give them a chance at a better, healthier future.” Thanks to you, Shay, and to the hundreds of GDR volunteers who generously and unselfishly use their skills to help better the lives of those all around the world.

Check out Shay’s volunteer page here and find out where she’ll be at next: Shay Travels For Teeth