The Benefits of Dental Sealants

Have you struggled with cavities your entire life? Maybe you are just now starting to see cavities pop up. Or maybe you’ve never had a cavity in your life (consider yourself lucky!). No matter your age and whether or not you’ve had cavities in the past, you could benefit from dental sealants. In the month of June only, we will be giving all of our patient the opportunity to profit from the addition of dental sealants by offering them at just $25 a piece. Let’s take a look at what dental sealants are and if you should consider them the next time you visit our office.

What are Dental Sealants? Dental sealants are a thin, plastic coating that cover the top surfaces of your teeth. They are used to fight against decay and the onset of plaque, the inevitable cause of cavities. A dental sealant will quickly bond to each groove in each tooth and will provide a shield-like protective over your chewing surfaces. Obviously, it’s ideal to brush and floss at least twice a day but with the addition of dental sealants you shouldn’t leave behind a thing.

Who Should Get Dental Sealants? Everyone can benefit from dental sealants but it’s especially important for children and teenagers. The American Dental Association suggests that children’s molars and premolars should be sealed as soon as they come in. This will help teeth fight cavities through the “cavity years” – ages 6 through 15. Adults can also benefit from dental sealants. Sealants are recommended for anyone who is prone to tooth decay or simply wants to shield their teeth from cavities and deterioration.

How Long Do Sealants Last? According to most dental professionals, dental sealants will last up to 10 years! Additionally, during your cleaning appointments, we’ll make sure your sealants haven’t chipped or worn away for whatever reason.

How Is The Dental Sealant Applied? Is It Quick? Yes, sealant application is extremely quick and painless. It only takes a few minutes for our hygienists to seal each tooth.

Having sealants put on your teeth before decay begins will save time and money in the long run by avoiding extra appointments, fillings or crowns. Please give us a call to “Seal the Deal” through the month of June! Don’t let this very special promotion pass you by!

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