We have a Rewards Program

Have you ever wished you could be acknowledged for your loyalty to your dentist? After all, there are many dentists in Denver. Would you like to see a rewards program similar to other programs which abound in business?

Your repeat visits to our office are appreciated. To acknowledge these visits, we started a rewards program in 2012. Here is how it works:

Let’s say you visit us for your regular check-up, and the exam reveals a cavity or some other restorative dental procedure that you need. Once you have discussed this need, you may need to come back for another appointment to resolve this issue (assuming you couldn’t stay that day to have the problem resolved). Well, if you can return within 30 days, we will give you a $20.00 credit toward that procedure….how cool is that?

If you cannot come back so soon, but have the dental work done within 6 months, you will still receive a $10.00 credit toward your dental work.

This credit even works for your regular check-ups: come in when you are due for your check-up (6 months, 4 months, 3 months, or whatever you and your hygienist decide), and you will receive that same $10.00 credit.

Why are we doing this? To encourage you to take care of your dental needs when they are small and easily resolved. There is a very old saying about dentistry: “Dentistry is not expensive, but dental neglect can be very expensive”.

This year, many patients have been pleasantly surprised when they receive their Reward Program credit. So, join the elite group, take care of your smile, and accept our Thanks for your loyalty.


PS: Due to the limits that insurance companies place on us, this reward can only be applied to non-insurance related items.