Different types of Dentures

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Different types of Dentures aspen dental dentist in cherry creek denver coDentures are often always one of the first subjects of conversation when considering cosmetic or restorative dentistry services in Denver, Colorado. Dentures become more prevalent as individuals get older. Still, they’re also common for people who have had their teeth damaged by accidents or other factors. Whether you need to replace a full mouth of teeth or just a few teeth, many different types and styles exist to suit your needs. At Aspen Dental, we are here to help answer your questions like “What are the best quality dentures?” and “What are the Different types of Dentures?”


What is a Denture?

Also known as false teeth, are a full or partial set of teeth manufactured of acrylic resin, a type of plastic. A Denture resembles and operates like natural teeth because they replace your missing teeth. More importantly, they restore a component of your eating function while also improving the appearance of your smile. They also serve cosmetic purposes to increase your self-confidence and appearance while looking incredibly natural. If you are looking for dentures in Denver, Colorado, we invite you to learn more about all the different types of dentures we offer at Aspen Dental by continuing to read. 


What are the Different Types of Dentures?

Full: You might consider a full denture if most of your teeth are missing. A full denture is a removable appliance. If you have any remaining teeth in your mouth, they must be extracted before one of our exceptional dentists makes the prosthetic which will replace all the natural teeth and fit the entire surface of the gums. Some advantages of complete dentures are that they’re removable, entirely customized, resemble the appearance of natural teeth, and restore chewing capabilities.

Partial: If only a few teeth are lost, a partial denture can fill the space. The dental appliance resembles a retainer on which false teeth are attached. Partial dentures can be connected to the natural tooth through binding metal clasps. The crowns help the partial denture fit correctly and with precision. These appliances, like full dentures, are easily removable.

Immediate: An Immediate denture are also known as temporary dentures. For the first two to three months, consider these as a “placeholder” until your permanent denture is ready. Before your teeth are pulled, we will begin the preparation for the temporary denture. An immediate denture has several advantages. The most significant factor is that you will never need to appear in public without teeth. When an immediate denture is placed after a tooth extraction, it acts as a Band-Aid, protecting the tissues and reducing bleeding. Furthermore, an immediate denture will help you chew better than you would if you didn’t have any teeth.


There is a denture solution for you whether you need full mouth dentures or partial dentures. The right denture style will vary from person to person and is determined by your overall oral health. It might be challenging to decide which sort of dentures to have. Dr. Rossow, Dr. Neal, Dr. Noce, or Dr. Neal can assist you in better understanding your existing situation and help you determine which types of denture will be best for you. They’ll go over the various types of denture materials, identify potential denture concerns, and discover a suitable match between what looks and works best while staying within your budget.


Dentures help thousands of patients feel better about their smiles every year. If you are looking into the different types of dentures in Denver, Colorado, please schedule an appointment at Aspen Dental. We can answer any questions you might have and develop a treatment plan that will help restore your beautiful smile! Call today!

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