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Denver Sleep Apnea Treatment Without CPAP

Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It can cause pauses in breathing during sleep, leading to disrupted sleep patterns and numerous health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a standard treatment for

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5 Things to Know About Laser Dentistry

Aspen Dental offers quality Denver laser dentistry. As technology advances, so does dentistry. One such advancement is the use of lasers in various dental procedures. While still a relatively new concept, laser dentistry is gaining popularity and becoming more widely used in dental practices. Don’t hesitate to explore this innovative

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Periodontal Maintenance in Denver, Colorado

Oral health is essential to our overall well-being, and it’s no secret that good dental hygiene reduces the risk of dental and periodontal diseases. We offer periodontal maintenance in Denver, Colorado. There are many benefits of regular periodontal care, making it essential for everyone, especially those at risk for periodontal

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Don’t Overlook Quality Dental Care

When was the last time you visited the dentist? If you can’t recall, then it’s high time to book an appointment soon. Dental care is something that we often overlook, yet it plays a vital role in our overall well-being.    Professional Care From preventing cavities to spotting early signs

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Finding The Best Dentist Near Me

Taking care of our dental health is one of the most critical aspects of our overall well-being. Regular dental checkups, cleanings, and treatments can help keep our teeth bright, strong, and healthy. However, achieving optimal dental health can be difficult without a reliable dentist. Fortunately, finding the best dentist in

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You know that container of dental floss that your Denver hygienist puts in the “goodie bag” that she gives you after she has cleaned your teeth? She means for you to use it. A lot of patients, however, find it difficult to position the floss so that they’re able to maneuver it easily around and in between the teeth where it can do the most good. There are a few tips that your hygienist can offer that may make the process a little easier.

Cut off enough flossing string (about 18” in length) so that you can wrap it around each finger several times. You’re going to want to be able to unwind it a little at a time as you go along. Once you get the hang of it you may be able to start with less. There are several types of floss available, your hygienist will be able to tell you which one would be best suited to your teeth.

Bleeding gums may be an early sign of gingivitis which is the first stage of gum disease and can be reversed if treated asap. A recent cleaning that involved a lot of scraping to remove tartar buildup may cause the gums to bleed temporarily. The flossing action itself shouldn’t cause bleeding – unless you’re not doing it right. Ask your hygienist to demonstrate the proper way to floss and about a teeth healthy diet.

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